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09. 12. 2016

Transfers 2016/2017

ITA W: Conegliano want Megan Easy back! But, Chinese Henan have their own plans...

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Transfer market for the second part of the volleyball season opens in January 2017 and it seems that some teams from big leagues are already set to make their moves.


As „Elemercato“ revealed, Italian women’s champions and fresh winners of the national Super Cup, Imoco Conegliano, have already reached an agreement to return the U.S. receiver Megan Hodge-Easy, currently engaged in the Chinese league with Henan.

Henan did not manage to advance to Top 8 in China and it is a mitigating factor for Conegliano. Still, the only obstacle to sign with Easy might be the desire of Henan to keep her for the play-out, planned for March.


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