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29. 12. 2016

Transfers 2016/2017

ITA W: Conegliano give up on signing Easy, but reach an agreement with other U.S. player?

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Imoco Conegliano don’t give up the efforts to hire reinforcement for the second part of the 2016/2017 season.


Although there is still no official announcement from the club, according to „Elemercato“, the U.S. all-round player Nicole Fawcett already signed the contract with Italian Women’s Volleyball champions Conegliano. She recently terminated the deal with Turkish Sarıyer Belediyesi.

Fawcett comes to Conegliano instead of her compatriot Megan Hodge-Easy. Chinese side Henan is not willing to let her go due to its participation in the play-out (mini-tournament that will determine who will stay in top division and who will go to Division 2), which is scheduled for March.


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Latest comments

POL M: Lebedew - "I understand Kevin, he has received a very good offer"

Re: @former_player
So there is break out option for player who is so important to club that 'with him we are maybe first,wiithout him we are 6'....No problem than,smart agent and stupid club Reply

POL M: Lebedew - "I understand Kevin, he has received a very good offer"

I agree if there is break out clause. But in this case like in Perin and Resowia, there is no break out clause or termination compensation.
Players have signed and now they don't respect it.
If FIVB let this pass...there will be huge mess on the market...then the clubs won't respect agreements at all.
What shall be guarantee that something signed shall be valid and respected by both sides??? Reply

POL M: Lebedew - "I understand Kevin, he has received a very good offer"

Re: @Coach It's two ways street. Each contract has break out clause. Clubs terminates contracts with players all the time, why a player couldn't do the same as long as there's break out clause in the contract? Everyone would change a club for double salary, because at the end of the day, that's how they make living


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