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02. 02. 2017

Transfers 2016/2017

RUS M: Another player leaves Dinamo Krasnodar and moves to Turkey


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Receiver Ivan Komarov has decided to terminate contract with Dinamo Krasnodar due to unpaid wages.


Dinamo Krasnodar are in the biggest financial crisis since founding the team.

The current situation is unacceptable. We were told that “Rosneft” have brought some money to the club. It turned out that there were no funds. Then, they said that we should wait at least until February 10th. But, the tranche of 70 million rubles (more than 1,000,000 euros) from other companies won’t cover the debts to the players and staff. Transfer window is open until 15th February. The situation about players is not clear yet,” says Komarov.

It is still unknown where Komarov is going to continue career, but source has confirmed that he picked Turkey.

Recall that Nalobin and Panteleymonenko have already left the team.


See our sections - Transfers - Done Deals and Transfers - Rumors.

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She played for Atom Trefl Sopot (not Gdańsk). And Atom Trefl doesn't exist anymore. So she had to leave :) Reply

Fans, which volleyball rules you would change if you were in charge?

Re: @Axe in basketball it is quite easy to have a rather small off-bounds space, like 3 meters must be enough, because when the ball is out of bounds it is out of play. In volleyball it's not the case and if you watch volleyball alot you can see that despite the quite large space around the field, players are still getting hold back by commercial panels, sometimes directly behind it tables with people doing a job which is involved by the game. And it's not like lots of people can enjoy that same experience only a few hundreds of people maybe on the the first few front-rows and not the other thousands of people present there.
If the empty space between playing court and 'obstacles' will be enlarged then players might be more motivated to chase off-bound balls and save alot (almost) dozens more than that they mostly can do today. The seats of the audience don't even need to be further away from the playing field, just those commercial panels and benches with working people behind them pushed all the way back to the walls between the court and the seats. If you look at football (soccer if you're American) there is the audience even further away from the playing field even though it is the case that a ball out of bounds equals out of play too. There you never seem to have a decline of popularity of the game.