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Sporting CP LISBOA
Gender: Male 
Age category:  
Country: Portugal  






POR National Championship 2017/2018
Regular Season /
Rk Team Tot W L Pts
1 Sporting CP LISBOA 14 13 1 38
2 SL Benfica LISBOA 13 12 1 36
3 SC ESPINHO 13 10 3 29
4 AJ Fonte Bastardo AZORES 11 9 2 25
5 CASTELO DA MAIA GC 13 8 5 25
6 SC Caldas 13 8 5 23
7 Leixões Sport Clube 10 4 6 12
8 ESMORIZ GC 13 3 10 10
9 AA Espinho 14 3 11 10
10 AAS Mamede 12 3 9 9
11 Clube Kairos 11 3 8 9
12 VITORIA SC 11 3 8 8
13 V.C. Viana 13 1 12 6
14 Vitoria SC ( W ) 1 1 0 3


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Andrija Geric
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Ivan Zaytsev
Osmany Juantorena Portuondo
Sir Safety Conad PERUGIA
Lonneke Slöetjes
Tatiana Kosheleva
Mir Saeid Marouflakrani
Simone Giannelli
Adel Gholami
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European League Pools determined, prize money increased

Re: @Axe The decision who will be a member of World League should be based on quality and results, not a subjective invitation for reasons that have nothing to do with sports. Unfortunately, FIVB completely lost compass with their desire to experiment without any reason.

Tours player Wounembaina victim of racial insults from Olympiacos fans, French VF urges CEV to react! (VIDEO)

I was in the stadium right were the supposed racist screams took place. We just booed before the service just like we always do, maybe a little bit louder since it was the end of the set. The player must have misunderstoond the sound or he is not used to play in this atmoshere. The refferies were closer to the fans than the player so they would have heard. Now the Tours just trying to avoid their players punishment and get more fans for the rematch or even get Olympiakos disqualified as they cant do this in court. Accusing someone as a racist is a great deal and i dont accept to be called one. Reply

European League Pools determined, prize money increased

Re: @former_player No they don’t belong because they weren’t invited and that has to mean something. NVL is uppon invitation tournament