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VBK Tierp
Gender: Male 
Age category:  
Country: Sweden  






SWE National Championship 2017/2018
Regular Season /
Rk Team Tot W L Pts
1 Falkenbergs VBK 11 10 1 28
2 Hylte/Halmstad VBK 11 9 2 27
3 Linköpings VC 10 9 1 24
4 Sollentuna VK 9 6 3 20
5 Örkelljunga VK 11 6 5 18
6 Sodertelge VBK 9 4 5 13
7 VBK Tierp 10 4 6 12
8 Habo WK 10 4 6 12
9 RIG Falköping 3 1 2 3
10 Vingakers VK 10 0 10 1
11 Lund Lunds VK 12 0 12 1
12 Degerfors Volley Orion ( W ) 1 0 1 0


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Andrija Geric
Veljko Petković
Saša Starović
Mihajlo Mitić


Matthew John Anderson
Azimut MODENA Modena Volley Punto Zero
Jenia Grebennikov
Earvin Ngapeth
Lonneke Slöetjes
Brankica Mihajlović
Tijana Bošković
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1641 Claimed
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TUR M: Konarski – „Watching PlusLiga games now, I think this season would be tiring for me“

Also has something about his paycheck. He has to accept the 400 Ziraat offered of course! Lets be honest and stop the hipocrisy. Players have to get the best they can from their carreer. So why not play in a weak tournament but earn twice what you would being home?? Congrats to the best decision Konarsky has ever made in his entire carreer Reply

PHOTO OF THE DAY: New member of Halkbank

Why? What happen Hernandes? Reply

RUS W: Goncharova – “I feel more confident because coach Terzic makes me feel that way”

Re: @Vadim
Vakifbank risks with their service and is still considered the strongest club in the world. Alekno made the biggest risk of them all by putting Muserskiy to opposite and Mikhailov to outside attacker in the London Olympics while still considered the best in their original positions...So how is that risk is bad? Players need to master and overcome the risk to not call it anymore as risk. Reply