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Latest comments

POL W: Veljkovic with fantastic play led Chemik to the final

poor league with poor players... (except Veljkovic)

Also, there are no Brazilian national players in this weak league. It is good for Brazilian players. They must compete in strong leagues like BRAZIL, Italy, China, Russia or Turkey. Reply

USA W: Kiraly called 26 players including Murphy

After the precious Destiny Hooker, the US team couldn't find an effective opposite player. They have great middle blockers and receivers but i cannot say the same thing for opposites. Also, i have no idea about liberos!? Reply

Mia Jerkov for WoV - "I am still evaluating my offers"

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
Receiver/Attacker! Do you understand? Give me names who are better than Balkestein, Kim Hill or Robinson? The moment they were gone after Kim Yeon Koung left for Shanghai, the OHs better than them are few. Fenerbahce tried to renew KYK even when she said she won't return but didn't get her signature. When that happened all the best outside hitters are gone from the market. Fenerbahce's mistake was running after KYK. If they didn't tried to renew her again, they could've gotten Robinson,Kosheleva, Michelle Bartsch or even Anne Buijs who were signed by other clubs after KYK signed to Shanghai. If there's someone they missed it was Dalderoop. The kid signed with Allianz before world grand prix.