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Yulia Brovkina
Middle Blocker
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Lokomotiv KALININGRAD ( W ) Lokomotiv KALININGRAD ( W )
First name: Yulia 
Last name: Brovkina 
Gender: Female 
Weight: 51kg (112lb) 
Height: 190cm (6ft 2in) 
Place of birth:  
Date of birth : 31.05.2001 
Country: Russian Federation 
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 305cm (120in) 
Block: 297cm (116in) 

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WCH 2018 W: The MVP award goes to Tijana Boskovic!

I thought the same based on performance in the final match, but then I check the official stats for setters, and Malinov is #1 while Ognjenovic is #6,

However, it is completely ridiculous that Serbia beat Italy twice in World Championship and still 4 players from Italy (2nd place) are in dream team, 2 from China (3rd place) and only 1 from Serbia (1st place) Reply

WCH 2018 W: The MVP award goes to Tijana Boskovic!

What about maja, I think she deserved it more than the other setter, malinov was taken out of the games several times it doesn't make sense. Reply

How to qualify for the Olympic Games 2020 volleyball tournament? One place already guaranteed!

In Women's competition Netherlands (6) will face Italy (7), Mexico (18) and Azerbaijan (19). Very strange to see the numbers 2 and 4 of the WCH in the same poule. Reply


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