18. 02. 2019

How to make your game preparation easier?

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Analysis of the opponent side by segments requires advanced volleyball knowledge and skills to process all gathered data as precise and as fast as possible in a very short period.


Game preparation and analysis of the opponent requires a complex process and a lot of work to separate important data from less important ones.

It’s important to separate each player by elements (service, reception, attack, block…) and to analyze these volleyball elements. On the basis of all the gathered data, we get the information that are important while preparing the match.

These are some of the data that we get after the analysis:

- Serve of the player and his efficiency,

- Serve reception,

- Ball distribution in the attack,

- The directions of attacks depending on the ball movement

- The way of blocking, etc

VAT (Volley Analysis Tool) is a specialized tool which provides fast processing of all data in order to get the most important information in a very short time while preparing the game.

All analysis will be saved in PDF format and they are easy to read.

VAT offers a possibility to analyze the rival from the unlimited number of games.

Contact VolleyAnalysis team to get a special offer which will make your game preparation much easier. The website has a special offer that lasts until May 1, 2019. 

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20.02.2019 | 10:00 |   Alketa [unregistered]

I like you

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25.02.2019 | 22:50 |   beslinda vokshi [unregistered]

I love volleyball and I wont to play so much

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