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ITA M: New adventure for Klemen Cebulj - Trentino Volley!

Not sure why he decided to come to Trentino to sit on the bench because he can't play while Kovacevic and Russell are there. He could've stayed in Milan and be in starting lineup. Reply

ITA M: Bartosz Kurek very close to joining Lube?

Not quite sure why would Sokolov leave Lube but Kurek is not a suitable replacement. He didn't have a good season for the last few years. Outside of great games in World Championship last year, last years were bad for him. He was not playing in top clubs, canceling contracts, etc. Not to mention that Lube has to reduce the number of foreigners. I think Lube will be big mistake signing him.
I think Zaytsev stays in Modena for at least one more years. He has very likely one more year of the contract, and I doubt that Anderson will come to Modena with Zaytsev. Reply

ITA M: Modena thinking of returning hero of their fans Ngapeth!

Butko is a great setter, so that's not his issue. I would be surprised that Zenit let him ago after Anderson signed for Modena already. Especially since they lost Russian championship. If they lose Champions League final to Lube, this season will be a disaster. Reply