10. 04. 2019

CL W: Egonu’s explosion – 39 points! Novara take golden set to eliminate VakıfBank

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Igor Gorgonzola Novara advanced to historical CEV Volleyball Champions League – Women finals!


It will be an all-Italian 2019 CEV Volleyball Women’s Champions League final as Igor Gorgonzola Novara won the golden set against the reigning champions VakıfBank İstanbul in the semifinal rematch. Thus, right after playing their first-ever Champions League semifinals, Novara will play the historical, first-ever, gold medal encounter – the Super Finals in Berlin (May 18). And there, they will face compatriots Imoco Volley Conegliano.

The Turkish side bounced back in a strong manner after losing the first leg in straight sets and achieved an away 3-1 win (25-23, 25-20, 15-25, 25-21) in a crowded Pala Igor Gorgonzola (3,300 spectators). But, that was an end of VakıfBank’s battle against tireless and super-fine Paola Egonu. A 21-year-old opposite hitter continued to pour in and finished the match with 39 points, closing a duel with an ace! Zhu Ting scored 26 points for the losing side but could not help VakıfBank contest for the third straight trophy in Europe’s premier club competition.

2019 CEV Volleyball Champions League – Women semifinals, 2nd leg:

Igor Gorgonzola Novara - VakıfBank İstanbul 1-3 (23-25, 20-25, 25-15, 21-25, golden set 16-14), first leg 3-0


Fenerbahçe Opet İstanbul - Imoco Volley Conegliano 0-3 (18-25, 22-25, 26-28), 1st leg 0-3



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10 Comments about "CL W: Egonu’s explosion – 39 points! Novara take golden set to eliminate VakıfBank"

11.04.2019 | 00:18 |   Alex Petrovic [unregistered]

This does not change the fact that Vakif is still the best team in the world!! It is a pity and unfortunate that they lost the game from 14-12.. it reminded ne when they lost likewise against Cannes from 14-11 in the semi finals a few years ago..

+4            20-
11.04.2019 | 00:39 |   Why? [unregistered]

Can GUIDETTI explain us why at the last points in the golden set played only with one attacker? (Ting)
Why Sloetjes was out?
Could Ayça make better reception than Ting on Egonus service? Are you kidding us?
Too many errors and too bad play by Cansu.
She couldn’t find the middle blockers.
The ball didn’t reach the antenna and she was so predictable.

+3            5-
11.04.2019 | 00:52 |   Tacos [unregistered]

Egonu is the best players in the world.

+8            6-
11.04.2019 | 15:12 |   fair [unregistered]

Re: @Tacos
'ONE OF' after 'Egonu is'

+3            3-
11.04.2019 | 02:30 |   Easy DelaVoz [unregistered]

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! Go novarra!!!! Bye bye gudetti bye bye Ting!!! Bye bye what ever the setters name is. I have something that might cheer you guys up though , Vakifbank. We have Nicole Kidman on tomorrow's Oprah !!!!!

+5            11-
11.04.2019 | 09:52 |   Nobody [unregistered]

Re: @Easy DelaVoz
They will come back. Don not forget it! After that you will have nightmares…

+2            10-
12.04.2019 | 02:43 |   Easy DelaVoz [unregistered]

Re: @Nobody
Hello, I'm heart broken for you. You must have had a really bad night's sleep. Welcome to the sting of Volleyball it's like a rose , beautiful but it comes with thorns. By the way, I have something that might cheer you up for your teams loss. We have Nicole Kidman on tomorrow's Oprah !!!!!!

+0            1-
12.04.2019 | 12:53 |   Nobody [unregistered]

Re: @Easy DelaVoz
Keep your broken heart for you! You will need it. I think, you had have some bad nights more than for ten years, maybe more???...I am wondering what you have done with the rose with thorns in that time. Cried with broken heart and stung thorns, definetely!

+0            1-
12.04.2019 | 01:03 |   chango [unregistered]

Re: @Easy DelaVoz
i don't think Novara understimated Vifikbank after having won the first leg 3-0, but probaly they din't played the second match with the due agonism. they really risked to lose the final after a great away win in the first match.

+0            0-
11.04.2019 | 12:40 |   Vic-ers [unregistered]

This was not just Novara won but also volleyball won yesterday. Defeating most expensive team is always good. Money cant bring all. Accept and attack was great, but also Novara should get one more attacker. But since Black Mamba is leaving this are historic moments for Novara. Vakif should waive to Zhu and bring some fresh players (they could try to bring Tijana). She cant handle 5 sets while Italians are screaming for 5th set. Will be good match with Imoco. In 2019/2020 CEV is probably reservated for Imoco if Hill, de Kruijf, De Gennaro, Danesi, Sylla will join with Black Mamba. I wish Milena would join with de Kruijf in block. That would be bomb. Its Italian year, prpobably even in mens vollley too. Turks need some good transfers if they will want to competete in CEV.

+6            5-
11.04.2019 | 13:20 |   Ponkrashov [unregistered]

Turkish Clubs Vakif and Eczacibasi are the best tams in the World.. Boskovic is the best Player in the world along with Zhu Ting.. NOvara was just lucky.. next year Vakif and Ecza will be Nightmare for all the teams

+3            11-
11.04.2019 | 17:21 |   carlo [unregistered]

Re: @Ponkrashov Wait and hope...

+3            0-
11.04.2019 | 19:50 |   rodolfo valentino [unregistered]

Re: @Ponkrashov
'Novara was just lucky', have you seen the 2 matches?
Novara, even without considering the golden set, in the two legs, won more sets (4 without golden set, 5 with golden set, on the other hand Vakif won just 3 set in two whole matches) and scored more point than the opponent. Novara really deserved to get the final (and get it ;-))))

you can find all the info on the CEV official web site

+10            1-
12.04.2019 | 00:25 |   brazil volleyball [unregistered]

Re: @rodolfo valentino
well said. semis are composed by two legs and, considering both as an aggregate, Novara deserved to go to Berlin. greetings from Brazil, the land of volley.

+2            0-
11.04.2019 | 20:06 |   aerler [unregistered]

what Turkish Clubs Vakif and Eczacibasi need is they shouldnt underestimate the opponent. if you play only one game seriously in 2-leg matchups, you cant win. I m sorry for german fans who missed the very rare opportunity to watch many world stars like boskovic. zhu, kim, sloetjes, rasic, larson etc. alltogether on the same court. Instead of the 'super final', they should be content themselves with a spagetty final. :D

+1            5-
12.04.2019 | 00:42 |   brazilian volleyball [unregistered]

Re: @aerler
i totally agree with you when you say that you never have to understimate the opponent, expecially when it has all the qualities to defeat you.
anyway never mind and relax, you don't have to excuse to german fans, 'cause they will have the best show that female volley can offer: a match between to clubs from the hardest and probably most beautiful league in the world. two teams plenty of stars like: Egonu, Lowe, Wolosz, Chiricella, Hill, Danesi, De krujf, Vejlikovic, Sylla, Picinini, De Gennaro, Bartsch just to name some.
by the way, turkish league is also great:
by the way 2, among the players you named i really like Kim.
by the way 2, Esaczabsi din't even get the semis so is a litte unlikely to them to get the final.

+5            0-
12.04.2019 | 01:32 |   mika christensen [unregistered]

Re: @brazilian volleyball
you are right, no way to see Larson and Kim in Berlin, given that their team didn't qualify for the semifinals. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

+0            0-
12.04.2019 | 01:33 |   io [unregistered]

sorry is 'spaghetti'

+0            0-
12.04.2019 | 00:53 |   io [unregistered]

Re: @aerler
the right spell is 'psaghetti'.
'spaghetti final' can be something really good, like 'spaghetti western'.
the sport version of a duel in the style of 'il buono, il brutto il cattivo' ('the good, the bed and the ugly').
it does sound intersting!

+0            0-
12.04.2019 | 10:58 |   Maximilian [unregistered]

As a German fan from Berlin, I was expecting to watch the ‚Super Final‘ Vakif-Ecza, but as said fair enough, both teams underestimated their rivals especially Eczscibasi. This year was a lesson for both teams. By the way, I think it will be difficult for the Turkish clubs after now as the economy of the country is getting so bad.. Anyway, watching Egonu and the others will be also great..

+0            0-
12.04.2019 | 18:02 |   Easy DelaVoz [unregistered]

God Bless You!!!! I wish you the happiest Easter!!!!

+1            0-
12.04.2019 | 21:36 |   Ali Y [unregistered]

As Neslihan was the last Novara bender, Vakifbank needed a tricky player like Her.

+3            0-

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