06. 05. 2018

F4 in Bucharest: Gozde Kirdar MVP

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We got the Dream Team of the CEV Champions League 2018.


This was her last match in career and Gozde finished it as the MVP of the F4 Champions League!

Individual Awards 2018

MVP: Gözde Kirdar (Vakifbank)

Best receivers: Kimberly Hill (Imoco Volley) and Zhu Ting (Vakifbank)

Best middle blockers: Milena Rašić (Vakifbank) and Nneka Obiamaka Onyejekwe (Alba Blaj)

Best opposites: Ana Yillian Cleger Abel (Alba Blaj)

Best setters: Joanna Wolosz (Imoco Volley)

Best libero: Gizem Hatice Örge  (Vakifbank)



To see complete results, stats and standings, visit our CEV Champions League 2017/2018 (Female) page. 


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7 Comments about "F4 in Bucharest: Gozde Kirdar MVP"

06.05.2018 | 21:17 |   bp [unregistered]

Cleger Abel as best opposite? Haven't they notice Fabris ?

+4            9-
07.05.2018 | 12:43 |   Volleyfan [unregistered]

Re: @bp Obviously you've never heard of political correctness?

+2            4-
08.05.2018 | 02:56 |   larry [unregistered]

Re: @bp Fabris should be the best opposite hitter!

+5            8-
06.05.2018 | 23:56 |   Zjud [unregistered]

Zhu is the real MVP.

+16            14-
07.05.2018 | 12:42 |   Volleyfan [unregistered]

Re: @Zjud Once game performances backed by hard numbers are irrelevant for MVP Award, CEV becomes a laughing stock. If one wants MVP for 2018/2019, she must prepare rubbing shoulders with CEP bureaucrats or aiming for retirement soon.

+9            8-
07.05.2018 | 20:33 |   BRAZILvolleygirl [unregistered]

She was the team captain of vakifbank when they won 4 champions league cup. CEV honoured her by choosing MVP, there is nothing wrong about that, she is a big player and she had an important role especially in reception and defence. Last matches of important players should have something special and CEV honoured her, which was really nice.

+16            12-
07.05.2018 | 23:00 |   Justice Game [unregistered]

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
Of course, giving an award to Gözde Kirdar an award is not a problem. The problem is the MVP award in question. Isn’t it the MVP award is based on statistics and performances in the tournament. Any other criterion for MVP? If her statistics was like in second, then ok. She did make an impact in Turkish volleyball league and maybe a bit in the European league, but does not earned her the MVP? Another special award should be given for retiring players who did make a difference in the world of volleyball sports.

+8            6-
08.05.2018 | 14:03 |   Volleyfan [unregistered]

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
'She was the team captain of vakifbank when they won 4 champions league cup. '
Without Zhu in these 2 years, which champion league cup could they won? Yes, that's the real meaning of MVP - THE MOST valuable player

'CEV honoured her by choosing MVP, there is nothing wrong about that'
It's plainly wrong from every angle. The 'Golden Boots' Award in pan-America football should go to Pelé, or Zico, or Ronaldo in their respective best matches, or be honoured to some old captains of Canada or Mexico who were retiring from their teams I wonder? Would sprinter Usain Bolt, swimmer Michael Phelps, basketballer Michael Jordan, etc. etc. not to be honoured again and again in every game they played & topped? Or it's nothing wrong about it to rob their titles and give to other retiring players?

'she is a big player and she had an important role especially in reception and defence.'
'she' , 'a big player', 'an important role' all can be refer to most players for most big teams in most sports including volleyball, mind you. There's special award for those subjective terms already, called 'medals'.

'Last matches of important players should have something special'
Agreed, how about a specially shining gold medal , 5 golden medals actually this season alone largely due to Zhu, on her neck to be really special? So special that most sportsmen won't get in their entire careers. Or one has to take 'the best player in the world' award as well to satisfy that over-bloated ego?

How about other big players who are retiring too? Do they all get MVP? To name a few out of many, how about Naz? Neslihan? Isn't that very unfair to them? Or the title should be given to all of them together? Where is the line?...)

'and CEV honoured her, which was really nice.'
To give something that the entire volleyball world knows (should any justice left) that it does not belong to, robbing it blind from its hard-working obviously righteous owner in the process, is not the best way to honour someone's career, but the biggest stain and a sheer irony instead. Yes, 'really nice' to you, but it's not really nice at all to other people's even more hard-working career, is it?

It's not only about a mere MVP, but also much more about sports professionalism and sports justice - the golden standard of any sport. If the top award MVP is given away in such a disgraceful dark-room manner, how low can CEV go and what does it mean for the Euro Volleyball sport in the future? Is there any youngster volleyballer left still dreaming that she can become a superstar and get the top award for recognition through hard work and the best performances? Don't bother, as performances obviously don't count as CEV just told you, age and connections do.

It's not about Zhu Ting or Chinese fans either. Leave nationality, gender, or ethnicity out of this! The same rationale applies to any other sport. 99.9% of all sportsmen & women work so hard in their entire careers (and many are captains or national sport idols as well) without getting any international award, let alone MVP - the equivalent to ' the best player in the world award' in their respective fields. Is it 'really nice' and fair to them in comparison?

Competitive sports are not feel-good charity pastimes, they should be clean, fair & just, backed up with hard numbers, like %, points, length, height, time (e.g. using stop watches and measures in case of athletics, swimming etc ) particularly when the top award is honoured, instead of individual or political favours as CEV does this time.

Zhu Ting is such a nice and generous sportswoman that she said she doesn't mind as the response, yet any decent sports fan around the world with a shred of sports spirit left should mind, and must mind.

+12            6-
08.05.2018 | 02:44 |   Bosco [unregistered]

Therefore, setters and libero shouldn’t get mvp because they don’t score any points. Neither do players who are defensive focus and technical focus shouldn’t get mvp. Most like mvp is for opposites, they are designed to score points. If mvp should only given to the best scorer, Segerio shouldn’t deserve any award as he score nothing on the score board.

Why salty about a useless title, when Zhu herself probably didn’t care for the title of mvp

+2            9-
08.05.2018 | 17:47 |   larry [unregistered]

Re: @Bosco
of course Zhu will not mind, she already has so many MVPs line up. and she and captain are good friend. But her HUGE fans are mind !!! if they feel unfair, you want them keep quiet?

+4            6-
08.05.2018 | 18:49 |   Valleyfan [unregistered]

Re: @Bosco

Who said that MVP must be the highest scorer?

MVP stands for the Most Valuable Player. Which word you don't understand?

MVP is the most indispensable player in the field, the single best (backed by game statistics, not age) player in the field.

Gozde or Zhu, who is the most indispensable ?

Easy! You take Gozde off court, see what happens to the match. Then take Zhu off court and see what happens.

Plus, if MVP were the Polish setter of Congeliano, I wouldn't have too much issue even though I tend to disagree. Yet both being attackers/scorers , Gozde and Zhu are directly comparable, Hence let statistics speak: Zhu ranks #1; Gozde ranks #16! This is only in Europe. On the world stage Zhu ranks #1, and Gozde ranks outside top 30 for sure.

Yet putting Gozde ahead of Zhu as MVP is an insult to both these players, and the sport itself. That's what makes worldwide fans so angry.

From commercial value point of view is even clearer: MVP usually is the one who gets paid the most by clubs, precisely because he/she makes-or-breaks the game. The answer who is MVP is so plainly obvious whenever you decide to drop that cheap hypocrisy and put your money where your mouth is, but will you?

The same as football MVP/Golden Boots and basketball MVP, volleyball MVP even though does not have to be the scorer per se, it usually is the main scorer, which is usually the biggest universally-recognised star in a team as well. Why?

It's because after all scoring requires extra out of an individual, hence it is competed the fiercest by all sportsmen in all time, being the most crucial point of all functions & the final climax in all team-oriented sports. And needless to say that the final score is the single most important goal and the only objective measure which decide which team ranks where.

+6            5-
08.05.2018 | 19:50 |   Oceans [unregistered]

Re: @Valleyfan
Those are your ignorant opinions, since you are not a member of the CEV, your opinions are trash. You cannot decide whether a player deserves to be MVP or not. Now, go and cry. LOSER!

+7            5-
08.05.2018 | 17:30 |   larry [unregistered]


+1            0-
08.05.2018 | 19:20 |   Volleyfan [unregistered]

Moreover, some say that Zhu has too many MVPs so she doesn't care this one.

Let me tell you, some say 'Russia is big, but no single inch of territory is extra'.

Likewise, yes, Zhu has many MVPs, but no single one of them is extra and got for free.

MVP is the highest honour that every sport men and women aim for in their entire careers.

Yet all people have very strict golden sporting age. Everyone's shining time on global stage, including Zhu's, is very limited.

Hence no MVP that they don't care no matter how humble they will tell you. Of course they care! MVP goal signifies their entire sporting life. It's the glory and very meaning of being top sportsmen that they work so hard for.

Everyone who knows Zhu will tell you that she is almost always the single most hard-working person of a team in off-court practices and trainings, before and even after she's crowned as #1 global star in the field.

Why Zhu trains so hard for?

Yes, for more MVPs, more records, being higher, faster and stronger - the very spirit of sports!

Every single MVP that Zhu has earned was earned by extra blood and tears apart from her genius, backed by globally-recognised hard numbers and records, not by bloody free-ride!

Others shouldn't expect to get a free ride either. You want it? you earn it!

It is entirely unthinkable to me why some people seem to have this 'natural holly right' to claim MVP ( award for the most valuable player in the world ) that he/she certainly didn't earn and doesn't deserve.

+4            5-
08.05.2018 | 19:51 |   Cuba [unregistered]

Godze is not even a good player, she only wins because of the foreigners in the team. Turkish players are weak.

+5            11-
08.05.2018 | 21:48 |   Oceans [unregistered]

Re: @Cuba
Yeah you are right. Without foreign players they are nothing. I like your smart comment cuba. I enjoyed your comment style, you are awesome. Godze is nothing. And yeah they gave MVP award to the worst player!!! she is nothing. MVP award should have been given to ZHU everybody knows that, now lets boycott CEV, they need to give an answer to us, the real volleyball people And yes VOLLEYFAN we can do it, LETS TAKE BACK OUR AWARD FROM THAT UNTALENTED BITCH AND GIVE IT BACK TO ZHU TING. WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE THEY ARE NOTHING. KILL THEM ALL!!!

+5            3-
08.05.2018 | 23:13 |   Volleyfan [unregistered]

Re: @Oceans So you're a Category VI psychopath? Go get help.

+1            1-
09.05.2018 | 01:31 |   zortingen [unregistered]

Re: @Volleyfan
don't do that dude....@Oceans is just kidding the above comments in a witty way.

+1            0-

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