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RUS W: Goncharova’s insane display keeps Dinamo Moscow in race for the finals, Lokomotiv knock out Kazan

Is she 'the No:5 player of opponent' Zhu Thing from Vakifbank?
Then the pic is not from Uralochka and Dinamo Moscow match. Hahahha :)

ITA M: Zaytsev to return to Lube after 5 years, negotiations in advanced stage?

Re: @former_player
Lube literally beat Zenit Kazan in the Club World Championships 2018 so it's not like Zenit Kazan is Lube's dark horse. Also claiming that Trentino is a better team than Lube is a blunt statement since Lube has both won and lost multiple times against them. Reply

ITA M: Zaytsev to return to Lube after 5 years, negotiations in advanced stage?

That would be interesting from multiple angles. Zaytsev for Sokolov will solve Lube's foreign legion problem but releasing Stankovic will do the same. I guess it all depends whether will Lube win something this year because they lost 7 last finals they played in. I don't see them winning the Italian championship since Perugia and Trentino are better teams. Unless they win Champions League over Zenit, although they lost every single game against them in the last few years, they might be due for huge reconstruction since their foreign legion recipe didn't work.

With Anderson, Modena will be able to compete with Trentino, Lube, and Perugia but if Zaytsev leaves, they will need the 1st class opposite since Anderson said he is coming as an outside hitter. Boyer from Verona would be the strong candidate although I am not sure about his contract.

I am not sure what is going on with Leal, he is taking the second chair to Juantorena although he is 3 years younger so not sure he will be around next year.

If Sokolov goes to Zenit, what will happen with Mikhailov? I don't see him replacing Anderson as an outside hitter since he is one of the best opposites in the world. It would be funny if he actually comes to Modena as the opposite.

I am wondering in general why there are no Russians playing outside of Russia. Reply