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02. 05. 2017

Transfers 2017/2018


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On this page, you can follow the latest volleyball transfers and rumours for worldwide female teams. The information will be updated several times per day.


Feel free to send us any information about any player or team using COMMENTS below the article. We want to remind you that you can rate comments at the bottom of the article – more positive votes your comment gets, more there will be a possibility to publish that information on our website. If you send a comment as a registered user you will have an advantage compared to the unregistered users.

Latest transfers,May 29:

23:30 CET - VakifBank part ways with two more players

22:30 CET - More great news for Scandicci fans - Adenizia decided to stay! 

17:50 CET - Samy Bricio stays in Imoco!

15:30 CET - The Slovak middle blocker stays in France, but...

12:45 CET Brinker moved to Turkey

May 28:

23:00 CET - Chemik keep Serbian MB Veljkovic

22:21 CET - Bauru strengthen roster with prospect receiver

21:50 CET - First signing in Casalmaggiore

21:28 CET - Markova leaves Dinamo Moscow

18:36 CET - Galatasaray aiming Vakifbank receiver

17:44 CET - Fenerbahce want Ilbank player

15:00 CET - Wanna Buakaew returns home!

12:55 CET - Galatasaray fans won't like this - One of their best players is heading toward Fenerbahce?

May 27:

21:00 CET - CONFIRMATION? Natalia is staying in Fenerbahce for one more season!

17:30 CET - Maja Poljak left Dinamo Moscow, the club is negotiating with Bethania de la Cruz

15:25 CET - OFFICIAL - Vercesi on Bursa’s bench

13:45 CET - Dinamo officially extended contract with Goncharova

11:00 CET - Markovic emains in Mulhouse for two more seasons

10:00 CET - American setter in OrlenLiga

May 26:

18:35 CET - Galatasaray keep Sinead Jack!

17:33 CET - Dutch middle blocker moves from Modena to Bursa

16:34 CET - Belgian blocker Heyrman stays in Modena

14:50 CET - OFFICIAL – Eczacibasi signed new receiver

09:35 CET - Eczacibasi signed second setter

08:50 CET - UYBA hired new attacker

May 25:

23:00 CET - Chemik keep important player, Serbian NT MB Veljkovic!

22:45 CET - Yellow Angels got new setter

21:15 CET - American setter reinforced Dresdner SC

19:45 CET - Eva Mori left Bergamo and moved to France

19:00 CET - Ortolani new opposite of Monza

16:45 CET - Serbian libero became Romanian “Tigress”

15:05 CET - DONE DEAL! Kosheleva will play for Galatasaray!

13:45 CET - TRANSFER BOMB - Kim Yeon-Koung may continue her volleyball career in China!

May 24:

23:49 CET - Bauru hire 2 middle blockers

22:52 CET - Scandicci hire US National Team rookie

16:39 CET - IT'S OFFICIAL: Kim Hill in Imoco!

14:48 CET - Rašić reached an agreement with VakıfBank 

14:00 CET - Rahimova new bomber of Fenerbahce!

May 23:

20:15 CET - Kosheleva and Galatasaray?!

19:30 CET - VakifBank extend contract with middle blocker

18:30 CET - UPDATE - Kosheleva has offers from Turkey and Japan!

17:00 CET - First departure from Chemik Police...

12:37 CET - Eczacibasi keep libero Simge

18:15 CET - OFFICIAL – Kelsey Robinson in VAKIFBANK!

17:35 CET - Volero's blocker moved to Russia

15:00 CET - Kosheleva wrote a farewell letter to Eczacibasi VitrA - She is going to Japan! 

13:04 CET - Busto win battle with several Brazilian teams for Dominican Martinez and signs Italian NT member Gennari

11:49 CET - Ex-Serbian NT member Krsmanovic stays in Seramiksan, Turkish club hire Malešević from Osasco and Bayramova!

May 21:

17:42 CET - Zarechie duo close to sign with Dinamo Kazan

17:10 CET - Imoco join the race for Fabris

16:00 CET - OFFICIAL - Turkish libero signs with Galatasaray




***Rumors! Players that have *** in front of their names are only rumored to join or to leave the mentioned club. To read full articles, please visit our TRANSFER RUMOURS and DONE DEALS sections. Also, check out MEN'S VOLLEYBALL TRANSFERS 2017/2018.

ext - contract extension

By clicking on roster button below, you will be transferred to the page with the current rosters of the teams.

( decline any responsibility for the comments published inside this article)

Vakifbank coach Guidetti (ext), Zhu (ext), Naz (ext), Rasic (ext), Sloetjes (ext), Robinson (Imoco), Gurkaynak (ext) Hill (Imoco), Cansu (Galatasaray)***, Ozge (-) ROSTER
Fenerbahce Natalia (ext)***, Kim (ext)***. Erdem (ext)***, Lloyd (Casalmaggiore), Fabris (Casalmaggiore)***, De Brandt (Bursa)***, Rahimova (Toyota), Akin (Besiktas)***, Leys (Galatasaray)***, Ezgi (Ilbank)*** Natalia (Barueri)***, Kim (Shanghai)***, coach Abbondanza (Casalmaggiore), Ergul (Bursa), İsmailoğlu (Eczacibasi) ROSTER 
Eczacibasi coach Motta (-), Beyza (Canakkale), Ognjenović (ext), Güldeniz (Galatasaray), Simge (ext), Dilik (Fenerbahce), İsmailoğlu (Fenerbahce) Barbolini (Novara), Neslihan (Galatasaray), Ozdemir (Bursa)***, Kosheleva (Galatasaray), Gulden (ret) ROSTER 
Galatasaray Santiago (Foton)***, Centoni (ext), coach Guneyligil (ext), Neslihan (Eczacibasi), Kayacan (Canakkale), Kosheleva (Eczacibasi), Jack (ext), Cansu (Vakifbank)*** Leys (Fenerbahce)***  ROSTER 
Rexona Mayhara (ext), Roberta (ext), Vivian (Brasilia), Gabi (ext), Carol Leite (Rio do Sul)***, Gabiru (Nestle)  Buijs (-), Carol Silva (-), Helo (-)   ROSTER 
Osasco Tassia (Praia), Bia (ext), Carol (ext), Tandara (ext), Paula (ext), Nati (ext), Lorenne (Sesi)***, Mari Paraiba (Volero)***, Fabiola (Volero)*** Camila Brait (pregnant), Dani Lins (-)***, Bjelica (-)***, Malesevic (Seramiksan)*** ROSTER 

Rosamaria (ext), Pri Dariot (ext), Karol (ext), Mara (ext), Leia (ext), Macris (Brasilia), Hooker (ext), coach Lavarini (Foppapedretti), Karine (ext)

Jaqueline (-)***, Francynne (-) Naiane (Barueri), coach Coco (Praia) ROSTER 

Claudino (ext), Walewska (ext), Paulo Coco (Minas), Fe Garay (China), Suelen (Bergamo), Ananda (Pinheiros), Rykhliuk (Volero)***   

Tassia (Nestle), Michelle Pavao (Fluminense)  ROSTER
Imoco Hill (Vakifbank), Easy (Sichuan), coach Santarelli (promoted), Folie (ext), Fabris (Casalmaggiore)***, Bricio (ext),  Mazzanti (Italian NT W), Ortolani (Monza), Skorupa (Novara)***, Robinson (Vakifbank) ROSTER 
Casalmaggiore coach Abbondanza (Fenerbahce), Vargas (Prostejov)*** Lo Biaco (Bergamo)***, Sirressi (ext), Zago (Scandicci) coach Caprara (break)***, Bosetti (Scandicci), Lloyd (Fenerbahce)***, Fabris (Fenerbahce, Imoco)*** ROSTER 
Novara Barbolini (Eczacibasi), Egonu (Club Italia)***, Skorupa (Imoco)*** Fenoglio (-)*** , Barun (Modena) ROSTER 
Modena C. Bosetti (ext), Ferretti (ext), Leonardi (ext), Barun (Novara), Calloni (Il Bisonte), Gaspari (ext), Heyrman (ext) Brakocevic (Dinamo Kazan), Belien (Bursa) ROSTER 
Dinamo Kazan Samoilenko (Dinamo Krasnodar)***, coach Gilyazutdinov (ext), Startseva (ext), Voronkova (ext), Ezhova (ext), Vasileva (ext), Brakocevic (Modena), Podoshvina (ext), Kotikova (ext), Ulyanova (ext), Filishtinskaya (ext), Zaryazhko (ext), Maryukhnich (ext), Romanova (Zarechie)***, Malygina (Zarechie)*** Isaeva (-) ROSTER 
Dinamo Moscow  Gendel (Krasnodar)***, coach Terzic (Volero), De la Cruz (ext)***, Goncharova (ext) Poljak (ret), Malova (ret), Bavykina (-), Markova (-) ROSTER 
Chemik Holston (University of Florida) , coach Gluszak (ext), Mirkovic (Telecom)***, Veljkovic (ext) Jagielo (-), Montano (-)***, Blagojevic (-)  ROSTER 
Impel  Nichol (Stuttgart)***    ROSTER 
Budowlani Lodz Grobelna (ext), Polanska (ext), Witkowska (Busto) Maj-Erwardt (ret) ROSTER 
Developres Zabinska (ext), Sliwinska (ext), Helic (ext), Kaczorowska (ext), Szczygiel (-), Szymanska (-), Flakus (-), Nickowska (-), Paskova (-)  ROSTER 
RC Cannes coach Marchesi (Battistelli), Grbic (ext)***, Jaksetic (ext)***, Gicquel (ext)***, Cazaute (Beziers)***,  coach Tillie (French NT M), Zayasu (Hisamitsu)*** ROSTER 
Mulhouse Markovic (ext), Herbot (Asterix), Abrhamova (Saint Rphael)    ROSTER 
Olympiacos Hippe (ext)   ROSTER 
Panathinaikos     ROSTER 
Volero Ajanaku (Stanford University)***, Lazarenko (Luch)***  Mari Paraiba (Osasco)***, Fabiola (Osasco)***, Carcaces (Ageo)***, Akinradewo (Hitsamitsu Springs)***, Orlova (Proton Saratov)***, Rykhliuk (Praia Clube)***, coach Terzic (Dinamo Moscow), Malkova (Proton) ROSTER 
Prostejov Kovarova (ext)***   ROSTER 
Schwerin Scholzel (ext)  Renkema (ret), Brinker (Canakkale)***  ROSTER 
Stuttgart Sandor (ext), Mlejnkova (ext)  coach Naranjo (Logrono), Nichol (Impel), Buakaew (Bangkok Glass) ROSTER 

If you have any information about the latest transfers contact us using the contact form on our website or via comments below.


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