• What is INVITE?
Send an email invitation to people you know to join WoV and Claim their existing WoV Community Profile.
  • Who can use INVITE feature?
All WorldofVolley members who created a WoV account can use INVITE feature
  • How can I invite my friends to join WoV Community?

After every Sign-in, you will be redirected automatically to WoV INVITE page where you can browse WoV database and search for people you know. When you find them, send them an email to Claim their WoV Profile.

  • What if I do not want to invite anybody?

You can simply click on "No, later" button on INVITE page and you will be redirected to WorldofVolley Home Page

  • Why should I invite somebody to Claim his/her WoV Profile?

Many WoV Profiles are managed by WorldofVolley. Make people manage their own WoV Community Profile is our target. We really thank you for your co-operation.


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40593 Players
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Do not make new profile, claim existing one from WoV PROFILES data base!
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