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BRA M: Both foreigners leave Cruzeiro – Sander goes to Russia, Le Roux’s destination unknown

Sada Cruzeiro não quis renovar o contrato do Kevin Le Roux porque precisa de ponteiros estrangeiros. Reply

RUS M: Champions are alive in finals – Zenit halve Kuzbass’ series lead to 2-1

Positive- I appreciate the we can watch in Europe the Russian league on Sadly, TV coverage of this final match with top world players was pretty poor, cheap.. Compare with a match from a small Latvia, vs Estonia 2018, which I take as the best TV coverage in last year I had seen. See
In Latvia there was excellent editing of this match- they replayed almost after every rally - back, front views, super slow motion. To see this match was pleasure. This TV was very professional, transparent, showed a dynamic of this sport.
Little better as from Kemerovo have been TV coverage we can see from USA NCAA - on YT, but not as good as from Latvia. However in USA they have used the better recognizable ball,but not ideal.. Both these preconditions (TV coverage, and the perfect visible ball) should be present to attract the more TV viewers and resources... Reply

TUR W: VakıfBank make radical move – Goodbye to Zhu, Robinson, Slöetjes and Di Iulio

What about Milena Rasic? I hear she has already signed with the Russian Moscow team. Reply