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POL M: Heynen at war with PlusLiga, his request for season shortening denied

Kurek, Kukiak, Drzyzga, Bieniek does not play in PlusLiga. Reply

FIVB won’t reduce number of players per team in Nations League

So true I agree fully but was is the solution then for the fan experience when these teams play finally in their city and country but send their B team players? I was so disappointed with the US sending all B players to Canadian city. Value of my ticket to get in went down. I wonder if the fans knew who they would not see from these countries of the sales to watch live in person would be effected. Come up with a differed solution like shortening pro seasons and VNL season to give more time for athlete recovery. Reply

FIVB won’t reduce number of players per team in Nations League

FIVB obviously doesn't care about players and their health. This is completely opposite of what they were supposed to do.

Teams and players voiced their complaints multiple times about too much competition, not enough rest time, etc. And instead of changing the calendar to address their concerns which would improve the quality of VNL, they want to force National Federation into submission by this move. That will only reduce quality of VNL until it's completely ignored like a useless World Cup in Japan.

World Cup used to be an Olympic Game qualifier tournament and Japan paid to be a host for a certain number of years. But FIVB changed the rule for Olympic qualification, but national federations still have to play that tournament because Japan paid to host it.

I understand the FIVB desire to make this beautiful sport more popular but they are doing it completely wrong. VNL's final is from July 1-5, and Olympic Games start on July 24. Are teams supposed to target top performance for VNL final or for Olympic Games 3 weeks later?

Not to mention that thanks to new qualification rules, the best teams in the world won't play there. But there will be teams from Africa and Asia to fulfill political correctness criteria.

VNL can not increase the popularity of volleyball unless the best players in the world are engaged. And they won't be unless their concerns are addressed. Reply