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Shahram Mahmoudi Khatounabadi
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Khatam Ardakan Arman Khatam Ardakan Arman
First name: Shahram 
Last name: Mahmoudi Khatounabadi 
Gender: Male 
Weight: 89kg (196lb) 
Height: 196cm (6ft 5in) 
Place of birth:  
Date of birth : 20.07.1988 
Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of  
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 296cm (116in) 
Block: 279cm (109in) 

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ITA W: Fenerbahçe say goodbye to Bricio – Mexican player moves to Scandicci

Re: @doğan are you serious!?? This decision was made by Bricio herself. She does not wanna stay in Constantinople, she wanna return to Italy because she is unhappy. Are you able to understand this bitter fact!!! Players like Fe Garay, Fabiana chose to play in Fener in order to make more money. After playing 1 season, they all left! Same is valid for Bricio. GO GIRL!!!

ITA W: Fenerbahçe say goodbye to Bricio – Mexican player moves to Scandicci

If the rumour is true , it's a good desicion . I'm supporting it . If we will be in great competition we need more powerful player . I watched Logan , Shashkova , Natalia , F.Gray in this position in the past .. This players quality were more better than her .
She makes much mistakes when receiving services . And her attacks are not as well as successful we are waiting from her . So , in my opinion ı'm glad this decision . Reply

TRANSFER BOMB IN TURKEY - Natalia in Eczacibasi!

If this is true Natalia will replace Jordan. Kom's contract till 2020. But I hope Ecz will choose young player for outside hitter and middle blocker. Reply



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