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Nataliya Goncharova
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
Dinamo MOSCOW ( W ) Dinamo MOSCOW Region ( W ) Dinamo MOSCOW ( W ) Dinamo MOSCOW Region ( W )
First name: Nataliya 
Last name: Goncharova  
Gender: Female 
Weight: 73kg (160lb) 
Height: 196cm (6ft 5in) 
Place of birth: UKR 
Date of birth : 01.06.1989 
Country: Russian Federation 
EU Passport: NO 
Spike: 312cm (122in) 
Block: 308cm (121in) 

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TUR W: The final series have begun – tie-break gives Eczacibasi advantage!

Probably Vakif will be from the top in 2018 to the bottom in 2019. Tijana will beat Zhu. Nice to see Beyza back. Vakif should but Rahimova, waive to Zhu and Ebrar. Need some good players. Reply

BRA W: Sheilla ends 3-year retirement to play for Barueri?

They all do that. She will recover physical and technical conditions like the others (Dani Lins, Thaísa) and then goes to a better team. Reply

ITA M: Perugia get the lead again, Trentino stay in the race for the finals!

Dont be suprised if both these series go to a 5th match. The pressure is growing and showing on the faces of the coaches and players. Reply



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