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Jakub Urbanowicz
Indykpol AZS Olsztyn Mlekpol OLSZTYN / PZU AZS Olsztyn Indykpol AZS Olsztyn Mlekpol OLSZTYN / PZU AZS Olsztyn
First name: Jakub 
Last name: Urbanowicz 
Gender: Male 
Weight: 75kg (165lb) 
Height: 203cm (6ft 7in) 
Place of birth:  
Date of birth : 14.08.1993 
Country: Poland 
EU Passport: YES 
Spike: 347cm (136in) 
Block: 321cm (126in) 

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RUS W: Goncharova - "Vakifbank is a serious team with a great coach"

For sure, Vakif did play with anger. They all came out firing especially the blocking. Rasic had a huge game. Now with Ecz being gone. This should be an easy road the the champsionship. Reply

Heynen – “León wants to play in the national team of the country he is associated with“

sorry but in poland to get the passport it is only if you have a grandfather or a grandmother from that country or you lived for 5 years isnt that? how you can get a passport by only having a wife and a son for that country? Reply

CL M: Gdansk were close to conquer Kazan, golden set saves Zenit!

the same happened in the game fenerbahce against scandicci in women champions league. the challenge shows 'touch' on the fingers but the video proved that didnt touch. sometimes i dont really agree with the challenge especially block touch Reply



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