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Tine Urnaut
Shanghai Golden Age Shanghai Tang Dynasty Shanghai Golden Age Shanghai Tang Dynasty
First name: Tine 
Last name: Urnaut  
Gender: Male 
Weight: 90kg (198lb) 
Height: 199cm (6ft 6in) 
Laterality: Right 
Place of birth: Fuzinar (SLOVENIA) 
Date of birth : 03.09.1988 
Country: Slovenia  
EU Passport: YES 
Spike: 346cm (136in) 
Block: 326cm (128in) 

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ITALIAN CUP M: Trentino drop 2-0 in sets, Lube become first finalists

Trentino really started fast in set 1 and 2 and looked really smooth but Lube's experience and identity showed through when it counted. Bruno found the hot spikers at the right time and Simone Gianellli didnt feed the ball enough to his middles and Russell who hit .680 and zero errors. Both Trentino's other pins received more sets and far lower scoring percentages. Doesn't look like Kovacevic will be back this year to form so the coaches need to be smarter.

Hoping the Perugia/Modena match is as good. Reply

TUR W: Young Turkish star Ebrar leaves VakıfBank?

Hahaha novara needs a stable OPPOSITE HITTER, COME ON Reply