19. 04. 2018

POL W: Poland without Wolosz in VNL

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Head coach Jacek Nawrocki has announced the list of 27 players that will participate for Poland in 2018.


On the list of 27 named who will play in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League, there is no Joanna Wolosz who will take a break in the National team

Setters: Marlena Pleśnierowicz (BKS Bielsko-Biała), Julia Nowicka (BKS Bielsko-Biała), Alicja Grabka (Legionovia), Weronika Wołodko (Impel Wrocław).

Opposites: Malwina Smarzek (Chemik Police), Monika Bociek (Muszynianka), Martyna Łukasik (Trefl Proxima), Marta Matejko (Truso Elbląg), Małgorzata Jasek (Legionovia).

Receivers: Natalia Mędrzyk (Chemik Police), Martyna Grajber (Budowlani Łódź), Julia Twardowska (Budowlani Łódź), Emilia Mucha (BKS Bielsko-Biała), Natalia Murek (Impel Wrocław), Olivia Różański (BKS Bielsko-Biała), Magdalena Damaske (Legionovia), Oliwia Bałuk (SMS Police/SMS Szczyrk), Zuzanna Górecka (Legionovia/SMS Szczyrk).

Middle blockers: Agnieszka Kąkolewska (Budowlani Łódź), Zuzanna Efimienko-Młotkowska (ŁKS Commercecon), Gabriela Polańska (Budowlani Łódź), Klaudia Alagierska (Legionovia), Aleksandra Gryka (Legionovia/SMS Szczyrk), Justyna Łukasik (Trefl Proxima).

Liberos: Agata Witkowska (Budowlani Łódź), Justyna Łysiak (PTPS Piła), Maria Stenzel (Impel Wrocław).


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4 Comments about "POL W: Poland without Wolosz in VNL"

19.04.2018 | 16:24 |   brazilVOLLEYGIRL [unregistered]

Wolosz girl is not a good setter at all, so it is not an important news. Also, poland has no chance in nations league.

+6            9-
19.04.2018 | 20:44 |   Conegliano Italy Fan [unregistered]


Wolosz is better than your Dani Lins and Fabiola. You didn't see the little girl playing her live, don't say anything. Next think about what you write, Ok?

+8            7-
20.04.2018 | 00:31 |   BRAZILvolleygirl [unregistered]

Re: @Conegliano Italy Fan
Jajaja! You are talking about 2 times olympic champions! Be careful! Wolosz was not able to participate in olympics also she couldnt win anything in her career! It proofs that she is a very bad setter, you cannot compare her with precious dani lins or Fofão!!

+3            6-
20.04.2018 | 01:15 |   Matteo [unregistered]

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl

Wolosz doesn't have to play at the Olympics to be a good setter. That's why 2 years ago, Brazil didn't win the Olympics if it dropped out in the quarterfinals. Haha

+6            1-
03.05.2018 | 16:48 |   ball [unregistered]

If Poland is so bad then why it beat Brazil 3:0 in the last junior world championships? Don't say they cannot win against Argentina becuase it's not true. Don't be surprised if they qualify to Tokyo olympics 2020. I have recently watched a qualification junior match to european championships and young players from Poland are better in everything than their german counterparts. The only thing they were worse was height but they played on speed balls and not high balls.

+0            0-
03.05.2018 | 20:49 |   BRAZILvolleygirl [unregistered]

Reply: @ball

Ok, Poland will be the winner in 2020 Tokyo because they beated brazil in junior's league (2 years later, at the age of 15-16, they will be able to play in senior's league, you can be sure about that), also poland has the MOST TALENTED, MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST CLEVER setter in the world. Now, go to your bed and sleep, girl!

+0            0-
05.05.2018 | 02:14 |   ball [unregistered]

Re: @BRAZILvolleygirl
These girls are now 17-20 years old, not 13-14 as you wrote. There are also players up to 23 years of age like Kąkolewska and Smarzek who have more experience and are still young and perspective. I haven't written they would win Tokyo olympics, but that they could qualify to them. What about Stysiak, Bałuk, Murek, Górecka, Łukasik? Does it ring a bell? Plus Nawrocki didn't qualify to world championships because he saw Smarzek in the qualification tournament as receiver, not as opposite and even not in the first roster, also he named Kaliszuk as the second opposite and not Bociek (Tomsia was the first one but she failed to play well). If Nawrocki hadn't failed as team coach, Poland could have qualified from the second european tournament. Now the so called 'rejuvenation' is taking place whose result should be the olympic passport.

+0            0-
05.05.2018 | 11:54 |   BRAZILvolleygirl [unregistered]

Re: @ball

In 2015, U23 world champion was brazil as you know but i cannot say anything like 'they will be the superstars when they compete in senior's level' or ' they will be the future world champions' because dynamics is very different for young ages, mentally and physically. You cannot know whether they will be successful or not when they start competing in senior's level. You have listed a bunch of young polish players that I havent heard but it is ok, i wish they will do well in the future. But for now, Smarzek or Kakolewska are not 'amazing' players, they can be classified as 'average' players, i am sorry truths are always bitter. You cannot compare Boskovic and Smarzek or Rasic and Kakolewska, superstars vs. average players.

+0            0-
20.04.2018 | 02:33 |   Jacub [unregistered]

Woloz is one of the best setters in the world at the present moment. But the Polish team is really really weak and even with Woloz they can`t even beat Argentina.

+6            2-
20.04.2018 | 06:50 |   Michelea. [unregistered]

He's saying his opinion. He thinks she isn't a great setter, and obviously Poland isn't favorite at all in nation league.Poland couldn't even classify to Olympic. If your laughting about a two times Olympic champion over a ok setter shows terrible envy. Probably cause Italy always lose to Brazil and you guys hate us for your nation team been incompetent. Respect Brazil. Italy and Poland are both not at all the level of China Brazil USA or Servia.

+3            6-
20.04.2018 | 09:39 |   Luca [unregistered]

Re: @Michelea.
Everything about her in Conegliano loves, respects, likes and knows that she is an amazing setter. There are no willing counterparts to National team Poland, because it's a different story.

+6            0-
21.04.2018 | 00:49 |   rivers [unregistered]

Re: @Michelea. Dani Lins with the best reception in the world couldn't even help Brazil out of the china quarterfinal. LMAO. She's an overrated setter. No one would sign her in Europe. A true definition of local. Wolosz is better than her and Roberta is the best brazilian setter of the present.

+3            2-
20.04.2018 | 14:53 |   Felipe [unregistered]

Berenika Tomsia ?

+0            14-

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