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12. 07. 2016

Official volleyball rules PART 27: Exceptional game interruptions


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In volleyball there is a three exceptional game interruptions.



17.1.1 Should a serious accident occur while the ball is in play, the referee must stop the game immediately and permit medical assistance to enter the court. The rally is then replayed. 

17.1.2 If an injured/ill player cannot be substituted legally or exceptionally, the player is given a 3-minute recovery time, but not more than once for the same player in the match.
If the player does not recover, his/her team is declared incomplete. 


If there is any external interference during the game, the play has to be stopped and the rally is replayed. 


17.3.1 If unforeseen circumstances interrupt the match, the 1st referee, the organizer and the Control Committee, if there is one, shall decide the measures to be taken to re-establish normal conditions.

17.3.2 Should one or several interruptions occur, not exceeding 4 hours in total: if the match is resumed on the same playing court, the interrupted set shall continue normally with the same score, players (except expelled or disqualified ones) and positions. The sets already played will keep their scores; if the match is resumed on another playing court, the interrupted set is cancelled and replayed with the same team members and the same starting line-ups (except expelled or disqualified ones) and the record of all sanctions will be maintained. The sets already played will keep their scores.

17.3.3 Should one or several interruptions occur, exceeding 4 hours in total, the whole match shall be replayed.

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