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03. 03. 2017

Transfers 2016/2017

ITA M: New setter came to Perugia to replace injured Mitic

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Organizer of CEV Champions League 2017 Sir Sicoma Colussi Perugia has hired a new setter.


Duo to injury of the Serbian setter Mihajlo Mitic, Sir Sicoma Colussi Perugia have signed a new player for the season finale.

They have hired Italian Matteo Paris who came from Greece, where he has played for Foinikas Syros since 2015.

His Greek club is currently sixth on the standings in the Greek League.Paris has already came to Italy and before Greece he was a member of Top Volley Latina.


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ITA M: Italian volleyball national team without big star in 2017

Re: @Axe Osmany also helped Italy won bronze on Europian championship 2015. However, you still might be right :)

ITA M: Italian volleyball national team without big star in 2017

i think that's a smart decision he is already 32 years old and he really need a good rest maybe after world league he might change his mind to play for 2017 Men's European Volleyball Championship . let him take some rest italian championship and CEV championship players are tired and burnt out. he is not younger so he really need to have some rest. Reply

POL M: Polish VF spokesman – “León in Polish NT jersey in 2018? Maybe…”

cuba has tons of talented volleyball players but they don't know ho to keep them for exampl juantorena and now leon. Reply


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