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10. 04. 2017

Transfers 2017/2018

ITA M: Giani has chosen American blocker for next season


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Taylor Averill who played the last two seasons in Padova, has decided to move to Milano.


He will wear the jersey of Revivre Milano in the next season.

“Playing for Milan next season will be very exciting. I immediately accepted the proposal because this club wants to be one of the main teams of the Championship. It's a great opportunity for me, I would like to thanks Revivre that gave me the chance to play one more year in the most competitive league in the world. I've heard good things about Andrea Giani as a coach and I am very pleased to work with him. This year in Padova I had an injury that kept me away from the court, but now I'm fine. I'm fully recovered and this summer I will knowingly exploit the US National team to continue to improve physically and technically. To supporters of Revivre, I'm really happy to be part of this family and I get ready for the next season to bring up this team." said Averill


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He is the future of Japanese volleyball - Issei Otake (VIDEO)

No. Ishikawa is the future of Japanese volleyball. Reply

ECH 2017 M: Blengini crosses-out one player and announces the list for EuroVolley

Re: @Axe He played this season in Perugia as OH, but in the NT he plays OPP. Lanza&Juantorena recievers

FIVB are testing new rules at WCH U23: Serve (VIDEO)

I honestly don't see the use of changing every time the rules. People at some point don't know anymore what the exact rules are, and at this time I'm talking about player, coaches, ... , people with much affection for the sport. People that don't know the sport, can't follow at all this evolution of rules. In consequence they lose interest in the sport and stop following it.

Also if this rule would apply, this will for many youth teams an issue to learn this kind of services, as they don't have the room behind the court as the professional player to learn this kind of service without landing in the court. I know courts where there's only 1 meter behind the service lines.

If we want the game to become more spectacular again, we should simply raise the hight of the net. People are becomming taller and taller and jumping higher and higher, the logical evolution would be to raise the net hight.

IT will impact the service presure and the attack presure, resulting in longer rally's.

Thanks just my personal opinion.

I wonder who has the same idea? Reply