05. 01. 2019

ITA M: Trentino is a serious title-contender, Perugia surrender after 3 sets!

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Even though the game ended in three sets, it was a super exciting clash between Trentino and Perugia.


There are three interesting things about this game, well, more positive for Trentino. 

The first thing is that Trentino took over the first place from Perugia. It was the 19th consecutive win for Trentino, counting all competitions, which is an impressive run. The third set of this game, was amazing as both sides pushed to the limits. Luckily for the home fans, they won it after 68 rallies.

Uros Kovacevic was the best scorer in the home team with 17 points, while Luca Vettori scored 13, Aaron Russell and Srecko Lisinac 11 each. In Perugia, Wilfredo Leon scored 15, Aleksandar Atanasijevic 11.

After this game, it is certain that Trentino is a serious title contender.

Men’s Serie A1, round 16:

Trentino – Perugia 3-0 (25-23, 25-19, 35-33)


Castellana – Padova 18:00 CET

Latina – Milano 18:00 CET

Modena – Ravenna 18:00 CET

Lube – Verona 18:15 CET

Monza – Vibo Valentia

Sora – Siena 




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6 Comments about "ITA M: Trentino is a serious title-contender, Perugia surrender after 3 sets!"

06.01.2019 | 00:30 |   Suisse [unregistered]

Said this back in Oct. This team is so mentally tough and Gianelli has been masterful with spreading the offensive attacking. Kovacevic is playing at such a high level and he clearly has developed a nice rhythm with Gianelli over the past years. Once they get this with Russell they will be almost impossible to break .
My unsung hero is Luca Vetorri. He is so smooth and quietly having an outstanding season. This group is all about each other and that isnt what you see from alot of players and teams in the league.
DeCecco again refuse to run a varied offense and once Leon goes to the back they lose points . Perugia just doesnt either have enough weapons or use their weapons very well. Lanza started out well but was really weak after.
I really wonder if people understand how important this match was to the standing and remaining schedule. Trentino is in excellent shape to go into playoffs as the #1 seed and have Home Court.

+3            0-
06.01.2019 | 10:47 |   Jj [unregistered]

Re: @Suisse
Always fun to watch trentino play. All their players are well rounded. They shutdown Perugia's scoring machine. Russell is the best trade they have since matey and osmany.

+3            0-
06.01.2019 | 15:15 |   suisse [unregistered]

Re: @Jj
Lorenzetti really is on top of his game with this team and they are clearly listening. His approach and interviews all week prior to this matchup were very thoughtful.
It was impressive to see Trentino get back into the games that they were down to the defending champions.
Lisinac has become even better.

+1            0-
06.01.2019 | 16:13 |   former_player [unregistered]

Trentino did a great job last summer when they brought Grebennikov, Lisinac, Candelarro, and Russell. I intentionally put them in this order because the defense was lacking last year along with middles. Kovacevic and GIanelly developed the bond last year and it pays off now. New guys got along extremely well so I see Trentino as a new champion.
Perugia is relying on Leon too much, he and Atanasijevic are getting 90% of balls which is obviously not working. Perugia doesn't have depth when one of those two guys have a bad day. Lanza and Podrascanin are great players, they should be used more.
Lube pissed off a lot of people last summer in order to build a super team but they can't seem to find a way to get all those superstars working together.

+1            0-
08.01.2019 | 18:02 |   Real [unregistered]

Re: @former_player
Eder, Zingel and Kozamernik are very good middle blockers prior to the ongoing superlega season. Can you even fault them when Lanza can only serve at the net infecting the whole Trentino into commiting more serving errors than they can manage to control and influencing their defense to crumble because they are forced to give a safe serve to limit their serving errors.
Russell is vital in Trento's defense. I can't see Lanza and Candellaro as good combination in the block. Russell's above average height for an outside hitter balances the average height of Candellaro for a middle blocker. Russell is a known great defender for someone that is 2.05 metres. He wouldn't be an MVP if he's just a one-trick pony offensive hitter.

+2            0-
09.01.2019 | 12:14 |   Jj [unregistered]

Re: @Real
I believe it's a good thing, Russell wouldn't not be Best OH in Rio, MVP Monte Supercoppa Serie A 2017 and Men's Club World Championship 2018. Same feeling I have 2017 Mens Club Champ MVP, Juantorena over Leon. 'Defense wins Championship'

+0            1-
09.01.2019 | 21:33 |   Tony [unregistered]

Trentino has great players with no egos, they are playing like a team. Teams win championships, having the best players doesn't necessarily mean you win.

+1            0-
09.01.2019 | 21:40 |   Tony [unregistered]

@Real I disagree, Russell is one of the best young OH, he's improving every year and he's only 25yrs. Winning MVP in the 2018 MCWC is just a natural progression of Russell maturing and becoming stronger. Check out his bio and his individual achievements.

+0            0-
11.01.2019 | 18:59 |   suisse [unregistered]

Re: @Tony
I think @real is agreeing and saying that Russell is really good and only getting better as he was on the dream team at Rio and MVP already in two different cups. Especially because his defense is really getting good.
This is how I understood it.
Anyways its a long season and Im just happy that the league is so strong and filled with excellent players.

+0            1-
13.01.2019 | 18:17 |   tony [unregistered]

@Suisse thanks for the clarification, yes the Italian league is super strong this year and Russell's playing is getting better, his jump serves are stronger and consistently staying in and his passing has improved. Russell has the ability to switch gears into the next level in big games and tournaments, when it counts.

+1            1-
15.01.2019 | 11:06 |   Toshi [unregistered]

She is the most pretty and cutes volleyball player in female

+2            1-

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