18. 01. 2017

Happy ending of a sad story: Bone marrow transplant of ex-member of Venezuelan NT was SUCCESSFUL!

Source: voleoperfecto.blogspot.rs; Photo: labarradeldeporte.com

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The story of a former Venezuelan Men’s Volleyball National Team setter, Francisco Soteldo, made the world cry, a year ago. Now, it will make everyone happy!


As media it this country reported, the bone marrow transplant of a member of the Venezuelan NT from 2005 to 2015 was SUCCESSFUL. Francisco’s wife Nancy Monjes was the one to announce the good news from Italy, where the transplant was performed. She added that a doctor assured a 30-year-old athlete he will be able to return to playing volleyball in a six-month period!

The athlete’s sister Francys Soteldo was the person who donated a bone marrow since it was compatible with his brother’s.

The transplant lasted for three hours. Now, only the recovery of the Soteldo siblings is waiting for. Francys will have three days of recovery in the clinic while Francisco will be hospitalized for at least 20 days.

Francisco Soteldo was diagnosed with leukemia, a year ago, and he lacked money for the transplantation.


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